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4th Government IT Modernization

Join us as top CIO's and a featured Congressman speak out on their critical strategies, management processes, and planned IT solutions for modernizing the government's current information systems. Hear what these executives think about the estimated 90 billion dollar budget and how they plan to utilize these funds to improve our Nation’s Information Technology.

The event will explore the latest challenges being faced by the government and how they plan to modernize the current technology within our federal information systems. The topics covered at the event will be:

  • Ensuring an effective procurement process for IT departments so that they can increase efficiency within their department
  • Implementing the correct IT solutions, strengthening cyber security, and retaining a skilled IT workforce
  • Department preparation for the changing state of technology and the role of the CIO

With a 90 billion dollar IT modernization budget just announced, don't miss out on the event that will put you in front of the government officials who will be putting these budget changes into effect. The Government IT Modernization event comes at the right time, join us in March before the government awards the new contract and begins to implement a new IT strategy. Take a look at the agenda to find out more about workshops, speakers, and sessions.

What's Inside:

  • How to increase efficiency and improve quality while reducing costs through the use of automation
  • Implementing cybersecuirty strategies to ensure safety and innovation
  • Ways to Transforming Agency IT to Cloud Based Application Platforms
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