April 26-28 2017 | Washington D.C

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Get a Closer Look at the Government IT Modernization Agenda

With a 90 billion dollar IT modernization budget just announced, don't miss out on the event that will put you in front of the government officials who will be putting these budget changes into effect. The Government IT Modernization event comes at the right time ...

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Defining and Measuring Resilience in Complex Networked Systems

Igor Linkov, PhD from the US Army Engineer Research and Development Center, presented on challenges of emerging cyber risks, the best current use of risk assessment: optimization of management alternatives, notable uses of the (T,V,C) framework, cybersecurity risks: then and now, and more!

Enabling the Joint Information Environment (JIE)

Roger K. Thorstenson, Director, Strategy and Integration Office of the DoD CIO, discusses Fiscal Year 2016 JIE implementation, areas of emphasis for enabling the JIE, CSRA area of emphasis—JRSS, computing and storage, and mission partner environment.

How Will Federal IT Modernization Take Shape in 2017?

Federal IT modernization efforts aren’t going away. Even though Congress and the Obama administration’s efforts to codify plans to update legacy IT systems died on the vine in 2016, they will probably be resuscitated this year. Courtesy of www.fedtechmagazine.com.

Interview with Ann Dunkin, Chief Information Officer, County of Santa Clara

Ann Dunkin is the Chief Information Officer for the County of Santa Clara, California. She discusses her new CIO role with Santa Clara, and highlights from her previous role as CIO for EPA. Also what she was most proud of accomplishing in her previous role, suggestions she'd give to the...

President’s IT Budget for FY 2017

This report includes the Total IT Investments for Federal Government by agency.

Internet of Things (IoT) Platforms: Market Outlook and Forecasts 2016 – 2021

includes forecasts for IoT Platform revenue and deployments globally and regionally for the 2016 to 2021 period. Forecasts also include a breakdown by Segment, Solution, Investment/Funding, Value Chain, and Connectivity. This research also identifies opportunities for software in IoT including OEM providers. Mind Commerce also evaluates the market opportunities and...

Security Factors & Modernizing IT with NASA’s CIO

We sat down with Renee Wynn, Chief Information Officer at NASA, for her perspective on the current landscape of IT within NASA:IT challenges being faced within NASAHow NASA is finding talent that can move with the technology transformationHow the IT budget is being allocatedSpecific services or solutions to improve security...

Trumps Budget Request Brings Back IT Modernization Fund

President Donald Trump plans to bring back a proposal for an IT modernization fund, according to Congressman Will Hurd, who also has plans in the next few days to announce a new and improved “Modernizing Government Technology Act.”